Friday, April 26, 2024

Shaklee Ambassador - Cindy McAsey on Why I do Shaklee


When I first decided to become a Shaklee Ambassador it was because the products had made such an impact on my life and economically it just made sense to get paid for what I was already doing... (sharing my experiences with the people I'm close to) 

As a cosmetologist I was used to helping people look and feel better about themselves and for me Shaklee became a new avenue to earn extra income from. Helping people to "Be Better" became a private facebook community where we share.

- Helping people live younger longer we focus on total wellness, not just beauty of the hair, skin and nails. 

- Working on my own schedule from our farm is a benefit it's hard to put into words.

- Shaklee is an income stream that once customers try and love the products they reorder often producing a recurring income stream.

- Shaklee's 100% unconditional guarantee. The way I look at it is... if your going to promote something the more you can take away the fear of purchase the better. 

- The savings on products when you actually use all of the over 300 Shaklee products it's a huge savings! If you want to be successful as an ambassador it's pretty much a given you must use the product to sell it.

- As a small business owner there are tax breaks that just aren't possible with a JOB.

- To inspire others to think outside the box and become more self-sufficient.

Everybody has their reasons why they decide to make a change in their life and I could go on and on about my why, but for today this is a peek into why I do what I do.

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