Saturday, June 8, 2024

Summer on the Go💨. Wellness that works in a fast paced life.
Hosted in our Be Better FB Group... Hold on to your hat this is going to an event designed to keep up with fast paced living. We will be sharing our tips and tricks to thrive in today's drive through lifestyle.
Be Better is a group originally created by Cindy McAsey and has grown to become a fun, positive, wellness discovery community of like minded people
This group is a community to discover how small changes leads to big results. Each of us has a purpose here on this earth and it is our goal to empower others. Sometimes we grow by a mile, sometimes it's only an inch but every day we strive to be better.
What this Facebook group is for...
1. To support + share ideas with each other.
2. Discover how to look younger longer.
3. Discover how to live younger longer.
4. Discover how to love your life.
5. A place to have check-Ins, challenges and if you want it to be accountability.
6. A place to host random facebook lives
7. Accept people where they are at... You don't have to agree with everyone but you do have to be kind.
If you decide to become a part of this group... Please don't be a creeper .. we want you to share your thoughts and ideas. 😁

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