The Numbers

Do you ever just want to see the numbers behind a business model? 

Well this is exactly what you have in this slide deck.

NOTE: If you aren't familiar with our industry it could be an eye opener. 

On slide #1 NOTICE: $7 BILLION now that's a lot. What's crazy is it takes over 30 min. for all the million $ earners to walk across stage at our conference. They just line em up and walk too.

On slide #2 notice all markets are GROWING markets.

On slide #4 Ask yourself how many of these products do you have in your home, my guess is quite a few.

Slide #6 BIG slide with lots of numbers. I encourage you to make it BIG and really read what is written here!

Slide #7 another big slide, but easier to read. NOTE: 59% lower levels of C-reactive protein. This is what measures inflammation in the body. Most diseases start out as an inflammation. If you knew you would cut your chances of inflammation down by almost 60% would you want it?

Slide #8 Many people today might not think about what our world will be like in future generations, but we all should do our part to leave our world in the same shape as we started. I've got so many stories I could share about this one slide it's crazy.

Slide #10 How many people do you know who if without a doubt they could earn a living communicating from their phone would be in 7th heaven.

Slide #11 Pretty big slide. Talk about multiple income streams! 

Slide #12 When you first start the quickest way to earn is through Star Club bonuses. They are earned by growing a customer base of people purchasing Shaklee Products and are paid Weekly.

Slide #13-14 Another way you earn is through Rank UP Bonuses, rewards you for building your group. Earn up to $20,000 as your rise up in Rank.

Slide #15 If you CLICK HERE you can get a glimpse of all the different ways the Dream Plan pays in a chart form. Questions: message me or call me 888-272-6701

Slide #16 Yes the Dream Plan is patented! No one else pays to infinity like the Dream Plan does!!

Slide # 20 We have a step by step system and this slide helps explain the next steps. 

I know if it were me I would have some questions. You can message or call 888-272-6701 and get your questions answered.


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