Thursday, February 1, 2024

Shaklee Ambassador Secret Income Streams

Many people don't realize with over 300 products you can have many hidden (secret) income streams.

One of those is products most people use daily, like Shampoo & Conditioner. Shaklee's Prosante hair care products is one of those hidden income streams so to speak. 

As a cosmetologist I can speak 1st hand the Prosante hair care products are top notch and very concentrated. One thing Shaklee doesn't do is ship water so to speak. A 10 oz. bottle will easily make at least 3 times the amount of product when you add water and shake it. 

What I have found over the last 25 yrs is once people start using these everyday use products they keep using them, producing re-orders and happy satisfied long term customers.

Most affiliate programs only pay you a commission the 1st order. It doesn't work this way as a Shaklee Ambassador. Each time your customer orders the product you get paid a commission. 

Another "secret" product in the Shaklee hair care is Prosante Nourishing Scalp Treatment. It's like putting liquid vitamins straight on your scalp and it flat out works. If you know of someone struggling with thin or thinning hair this is a product they will love and always keep it in stock.
Learn more about true wellness and generational health/wealth.  Really what is wealth if you don't have you health to enjoy it?? 

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