Friday, August 18, 2017

Announcing Youth - Natural Skin Care

Not only is the packaging beautiful it feels so wonderful on your skin. More importantly YOUTH has been well tested and clinically researched. 8 years in the making... yep you read that right. Gosh I was starting to wonder if it would ever be released!!!

Within 7 days 100% of women were clinically proven to have younger looking skin.

2/3 actually shifted their skin into an younger decade!

We have only had this product a few days and already the testimonies are starting to roll in...

From Susan Swaii
How about 2 days to amazing?! Wow. I've struggled for about 2 years with eczema on my hands. I've tried so many different creams and lotions. Most just caused painful stinging. The rest did nothing to heal my skin. Some made it itch almost unbearably. I figured I had nothing to lose, so a couple nights ago I tried putting the new YOUTH rich night cream on my hands before bed. Just 2 nights later and I'm so amazed. Not only is the itch going away, but also the redness, peeling and cracking. I'm actually seeing healthy skin coming back! I can't wait to see how my hands look and feel in just a few more days. Thank you, Shaklee, for such a wonderful product!! 💚🙌🏼

I never even thought about using YOUTH natural skin care for anything other than an anti-aging product. I guess if you look closer into the natural ingredients such as the muscadine grape polyphenols they protect and repair cellular DNA at the same time block collagen and elastin breakdown. Gosh it's no wonder we are seeing results like this!

I personally look at this product line much the same as our Vivix product. Think about it our body is made of cells and BOTH the YOUTH natural skin care line and Vivix ingredients protect and repair cellular DNA.

So...your DNA really isn't your destiny. Small changes you make can lead to BIG results. Let's visit!


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