Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ramping up Podcasting again

I decided to ramp up the podcast I've done for many years. When I went in to look at my account I have over 100 podcasts and decided this will be a great way to share my marketing strategies, lifestyle and business tips.

Like launching or (re-launching in this case)  anything we get better at it as we do it. This time I plan on having a specific format giving an outline of what I'll be sharing so not to waist anyone's time if they start listening and it's not a topic of interest.

It is my sincere hope I'll share information to help you with your business, be entertaining and inspire you to live the lifestyle you always have dreamed of. If you have a topic or question you would like discussed  just ask! Post in the comments below, call me, message me or reply to my email (if your getting my updates)

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